Tool Lateralus (Picture Disc Vinyl, Kinda) 2X Vinyl Lp's

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TOOL’s ambitious third album, Lateralus, was released in 2001 with a 5 year gap of all sorts of drama. Tool's greatest album — a 76 minute mathematical work of art. Tunes like  “Schism” and “The Grudge,” this lp transcends the prog-metal label. Track listing: The Packaging is equal to it's contents with heavy weight foil printed gatefold jacket, and double 'kinda' picture discs.

1 The Grudge
2 Eon Blue Apocalypse
3 The Patient
4 Mantra
5 Schism
6 Parabol
7 Parabola
8 Ticks & Leeches
9 Lateralis
10 Disposition
11 Reflection
12 Triad
13 Faaip de Oiad