About Papa's Rock and Roll Parlor

We want to bring excitement to purchasing records and music collecting as though you're 7 years old  and opening the new Kiss album to find all the goodies in there along with the music. Vibrant visuals should be a part of the experience with the kind of musical acts we all know and love and you'll get the surprise goodies when you make a purchase from Papa's Rock and Roll Parlor! You'll become one of us; a part of our family of obsessive collectors and metalheads! Thanks so much for visiting us. 

I've been buying and selling Rock and Roll records and memorabilia since the mid 70s at the age of 7. Mainly Kiss items until the early 80s when I got into other acts like Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P., etc. While my art was progressing at as a rapid rate as my musical tastes was, I developed a Kiss Fanzine focused on memorabilia which really took me to editorial design and journalism. 

I continued in  dealing and enterprising in the Rock and Roll Memorabilia underworld! Rock Icon illustrations and repackaging of shitty cd-r bootlegs as top notch packages was a lucrative sideline on Ebay for years until the move for the full on, above board business!