Roxx Gang Things You've Never Done Before CD

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When you think of bands from Florida, the likes of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet and Savatage immediately come to mind. Glitter and big hair isn't at the forefront of the sunshine state rock scene. But, behind a ton of late '80s hype, ozone-depleting hairspray and black PVC, Roxx Gang busted out of Florida, billed as the next big glam group. Roxx Gang desperately wanted to be the next Mötley Crüe... in the end they shared a small ray of the spotlight, with the likes of Tuff.

Prior to the long-awaited release of the group's first full length album, _Things You've Done Before_, the word of mouth spread like wildfire regarding R.G. based on a cassette-only release of a sampler entitled _Love 'em & Leave 'em_.

Roxx Gang eventually retooled five of the tracks from _Love 'em & Leave 'em_, and added five new cuts, to fill out _Things You've Never Done_. The production chores were handled by noted Hollyrock studio guru Beau Hill, who touched off the sound with a high gloss finish.

With simple riffs, big chorus action and a glut of tried 'n' true sexual lyrics, the Roxx patrol rode into town huggin' the gutter. Roxx Gang pave the way with "Too Cool For School", "I Need Your Sex", "Fastest Gun", "Live Fast Die Young", "Scratch My Back" and "No Easy Way". However, the coolest cut served up from _Things You've Never Done_ is the unlikely back woods, rockin' chair, bayou swamp number "Red Rose", which calls to mind Aerosmith's "Hangman Jury" and Warrant's "Uncle Tom's Cabin