Queensryche Rage for Order (Bonus Tracks, Remastered)

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Queensryche came close to cracking the Top 40 with this 1986 LP, continuing on their classic-metal path with London; the Killing Words; Surgical Strike, and more. Bonus tracks: Walk in the Shadows (live); I Dream in Infrared ('91 acoustic remix), and two live cuts!

Rage for Order was more progressive than the band's previous releases, with a layered and complex musical structure that employs a two-guitar approach, but also brought keyboards forward in the mix.[3] Lyrically, the album explored social/personal, political and technological themes, among others highlighting the dangers of artificial intelligence and government intrusion.[3] The concept of robotics would also be emphasized through the use of staccato rhythms and vocal effects such as a reverse echo.

The band's management insisted on Queensrÿche taking an image associated more with glam rock, glam metal or gothic metal.[3][4] As a result, the promo photos and album artwork depicted the band members wearing trench coats, heavy make-up and perms.