Nativity In Black: Tribute To Black Sabbath CD

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All of the tracks featured on the Nativity in Black albums cover material strictly from the band's 1970 heyday with vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. The title is derived from a widespread yet incorrect assumption surrounding the title of the Black Sabbath song "N.I.B.".

The band Bullring Brummies featured Black Sabbath founding members Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, along with vocalist Rob Halford, Obsessed/Vitus guitarist Scott "Wino" Weinrich, and Fight guitarist Brian Tilse. Their cover of "The Wizard" on the first album is their only official recording, with the musicians coming together specifically for this recording.

The live recording of "War Pigs" by Faith No More was previously included on the band's live album, Live at the Brixton Academy.

1000 Homo DJs' version of "Supernaut" was originally released as a 12-inch single in 1990.[1]

The album was certified Gold by the RIAA on 4 December 2000.[2] Bob Chiappardi of Concrete Marketing was executive producer for the album.[3] Megadeth's cover of "Paranoid" received a Grammy nomination in 1995 for 'Best Metal Performance'.[4]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "After Forever" (Originally released on Master of Reality) Biohazard 5:46
2. "Children of the Grave" (Originally released on Master of Reality) White Zombie 5:50
3. "Paranoid" (Originally released on Paranoid) Megadeth 2:32
4. "Supernaut" (Originally released on Black Sabbath, Vol. 4) 1000 Homo DJs with Al Jourgensen 6:39
5. "Iron Man" (Originally released on Paranoid) Ozzy Osbourne with Therapy? 5:26
6. "Lord of This World" (Originally released on Master of Reality) Corrosion of Conformity 6:25
7. "Symptom of the Universe" (Originally released on Sabotage) Sepultura 4:15
8. "The Wizard" (Originally released on Black Sabbath) Bullring Brummies 5:01
9. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Originally released on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.) Bruce Dickinson with Godspeed 5:36
10. "N.I.B." (Originally released on Black Sabbath) Ugly Kid Joe 5:28
11. "War Pigs (Live)" (Originally released on Paranoid) Faith No More 7:02
12. "Black Sabbath" (Originally released on Black Sabbath) Type O Negative 7:4