Metallica Garage Inc. 3X Vinyl Lp.

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Garage Inc. is a cover/compilation album by the American heavy metal band Metallica. The album features songs by artists that have influenced Metallica, including many bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, hardcore punk bands and popular songs. As of August 2013 the album has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.

A1 Free Speech For The Dumb  
A2 It's Electric  
A3 Sabbra Cadabra  
A4 Turn The Page  
B1 Die, Die My Darling  
B2 Loverman  
B3 Mercyful Fate  
C1 Astronomy  
C2 Whiskey In The Jar  
C3 Tuesday's Gone  
C4 The More I See  
D1 Helpless  
D2 The Small Hours  
D3 The Wait  
D4 Crash Course In Brain Surgery  
D5 Last Caress/Green Hell  
E1 Am I Evil?  
E2 Blitzkrieg  
E3 Breadfan  
E4 The Prince  
E5 Stone Cold Crazy  
F1 So What  
F2 Killing Time  
F3 Overkill  
F4 Damage Case  
F5 Stone Dead Forever  
F6 Too Late Too Late