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Since the epic debut Ashes of Wake two years ago, the amazing, revolutionary band, Lamb of God has come out with another "Pure American Metal" album, entitled Sacrament, full of twisting, intricate, heart-pumping hooks that are sure to get your blood curdling.

Contemporary metal doesn't get much better or blistering than Lamb of God, something the quintet proves track-by-track on this latest offering. Armed with a bevy of furious riffs and perhaps even more furious vocals, the group tears through tracks such as "Walk with Me in Hell" and "Foot to the Throat" with a ferocity too-little-heard among the sea of bands that the group has inspired in its still-young career. Detractors will be tempted to fault the band for its lack of subtlety, but they're clearly missing the point. There are but a handful of young heavy bands worthy of carrying the proud torch of metal in this decade, and Lamb of God--along with The Esoteric and Totimoshi--is one of them. Just take a listen to "Again We Rise," "Requiem," or "Pathetic" and see if you don't agree. --Jedd Beaudoin

No. Title Length
1. "Walk with Me in Hell" 5:11
2. "Again We Rise" 4:30
3. "Redneck" 3:41
4. "Pathetic" 4:31
5. "Foot to the Throat" 3:13
6. "Descending" 3:35
7. "Blacken the Cursed Sun" 5:28
8. "Forgotten (Lost Angels)" 3:05
9. "Requiem" 4:10
10. "More Time to Kill" 3:36
11. "Beating on Death's Door" 5:06
Total length: 46:14