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Life Is Peachy is the second studio album by American nu metal band Korn. It was released on October 15, 1996 through both Immortal Records and Epic Records. After the release of Korn's 1994 self-titled debut album, the band asked Ross Robinson to produce and went back to Indigo Ranch to record. Life Is Peachy has fourteen tracks, excluding the hidden track after "Kill You". Korn released three singles from Life Is Peachy: "No Place to Hide", "A.D.I.D.A.S.", and "Good God". All three singles went on the UK Singles ChartLife Is Peachy features such themes as drugs, social encounters, sex, and revenge. The album's cover art was designed by Martin Riedl and its name is credited to Korn's bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Twist"   0:49
2. "Chi"   3:54
3. "Lost"   2:55
4. "Swallow"   3:38
5. "Porno Creep"   2:01
6. "Good God"   3:20
7. "Mr. Rogers"   5:10
8. "Kunt!" (censored on most releases as "K@#ø%!" also written as "K@#¿%!" on the cover of the disc)   3:02
9. "No Place to Hide"   3:31
10. "Wicked" (featuring Chino MorenoIce Cube cover) O'Shea Jackson 3:58
11. "A.D.I.D.A.S." ("All Day I Dream About Sex")   2:32
12. "Lowrider" (War cover) Sylvester Allen, Harold Brown, Morris Dickenson, Leroy Jordan, Charles Miller, Lee Oskar, Howard Scott; Jerry Goldstein 0:58
13. "Ass Itch"   3:39
14. "Kill You" (The song "Kill You" ends at 5:04. After two minutes and 30 seconds of silence [5:04 – 7:34] a brief reprisal of "Twist" in a cappella form called "Twist A Capella", starts.[28])   8:37
Total length: 48:14
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