King Diamond Spider's Lullabye Special Edition 2 CD Set

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01. From the Other Side
02. Killer
03. The Poltergeist
04. Dreams
05. Moonlight
06. Six Feet Under
07. The Spider's Lullaby
08. Eastmann's Cure
09. Room 17
10. To the Morgue

01. Moonlight (Demo)
02. From the Other Side (Demo)
03. The Spider's Lullabye (Demo)
04. Dreams (Demo)

KING DIAMOND is quite possibly the most recognizable and prolific personality ever in HEAVY METAL. Revered by icons as big as Metallica & Pantera to inspiring new upstarts like Goatwhore, KING DIAMOND, the man and the band, have left an indelible mark on the history, and now again, the future of heavy metal. The Spider's Lullabye is the sixth studio album by King Diamond released in 1995. Unlike other King Diamond albums, it is not a full concept album. Only half the songs form a single plot. It was also the first King Diamond album to be released on Metal Blade. The Spider's Lullabye was re-mastered by King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque in 2009 and will for the first time include a four BONUS TRACK CD.

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