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Killers​ is the second studio album by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released in February 1981 by the EMI music company in the United Kingdom. This work cemented them as the band that would spearhead the New Wave movement of British heavy metal.
On the album you can hear songs like Wrathchild, "The Ides of March", or the semi-ballad "Prodigal Son". The entry of Adrian Smith as a guitarist to replace Dennis Stratton stands out and it would also be the last job of vocalist Paul Di'Anno who left the band due to problems with alcohol and drugs. He would later be replaced by Bruce Dickinson. It was also the first album produced by Martin Birch who produced his next eight works, before retiring after Fear of the Dark in 1992.
The album is unusual in that it features two instrumental tracks, mostly written and composed by Steve Harris. All the songs except "Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "Killers" were written before the release of their debut album (they couldn't all fit on one album, and were later re-recorded to incorporate Adrian Smith); an early version of "Wrathchild" was included on the Metal for Muthas compilation.

Side A
A1 The Ides Of March
A2 Wrathchild
A3 Murders In The Rue Morgue
A4 Another Life
A5 Genghis Khan
A6 Innocent Exile
Side B
B1 Killers
B2 Prodigal Son
B3 Purgatory
B4 Drifter