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Confessions is the sixth studio album by the American hard rock band Buckcherry. The album was released on February 19, 2013.[2] It is the last Buckcherry album to feature bassist Jimmy Ashhurst, before his departure from the band in late 2013.

Seven of the tracks on the album are named after the seven deadly sins.

Before posting the official cover art on January 25, 2013, Buckcherry also posted artwork for an outer cover, they described as a "...book "cover" - and then when it's opened you'll get the true cover of the album itself."[3] The day after, the band posted a picture of the official artwork, stating "We wanted our album cover artwork to be symbolic and encompass the subject matter of the record in an image that's cool enough to be tattooed. Hope you like it."[4]

1. "Gluttony" Josh Todd, Keith Nelson 2:41
2. "Wrath" Todd, Nelson, James Ashhurst 3:53
3. "Nothing Left but Tears" Todd, Nelson, Ashhurst 3:12
4. "The Truth" Todd, Nelson, Marti Frederiksen 4:05
5. "Greed" Todd, Nelson 4:22
6. "Water" Todd, Nelson, Ashhurst 4:38
7. "Seven Ways to Die" Todd, Nelson 3:53
8. "Air" Todd, Nelson, Ashhurst, Frederiksen 4:14
9. "Sloth" Todd, Nelson 4:03
10. "Pride" Todd, Nelson, Ashhurst 4:34
11. "Envy" Todd, Nelson, Ashhurst, Steve Dacanay 4:16
12. "Lust" Todd, Nelson, Dacanay 3:32
13. "Dreamin' of You" Todd, Nelson, Frederiksen 3:21