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On November 7, 1995, Columbia Records released the eponymous album, Alice in Chains,[77] which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200[44] and has since been certified triple platinum.[12] Of the album's four singles, "Grind", "Again", "Over Now", and "Heaven Beside You", three feature Cantrell on lead vocals. Jon Wiederhorn of Rolling Stone called the album "liberating and enlightening, the songs achieve a startling, staggering and palpable impact"...Sometimes even Rolling Stone gets it right!  So we'll celebrate Rolling Stone getting it right by shipping it right to US haters for free!

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Grind" Jerry Cantrell Cantrell 4:44
2. "Brush Away"   Cantrell, Mike Inez, Sean Kinney 3:22
3. "Sludge Factory"   Cantrell, Kinney 7:12
4. "Heaven Beside You" Cantrell Cantrell, Inez 5:27
5. "Head Creeps"   Staley 6:28
6. "Again"   Cantrell 4:05
7. "Shame in You"   Cantrell, Inez, Kinney 5:35
8. "God Am"   Cantrell, Inez, Kinney 4:08
9. "So Close"   Cantrell, Kinney 2:45
10. "Nothin' Song"   Cantrell, Kinney 5:40
11. "Frogs"   Cantrell, Inez, Kinney 8:18
12. "Over Now" ([†]) Cantrell Cantrell, Kinney 7:03
Total length: 64:48