Aerosmith Greatest Hits CD

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Even before their second fling with the pop mainstream, Aerosmith were one of Top 40's favorite hard-rock bands, so ubiquitous--and so funky--that Run-D.M.C. were vociferous fans. Their '70s output included at least three classic albums (AerosmithToys in the Attic, and Rocks). This disc collects unstoppable singles into a horny, howling little piece of archaeology that makes even weak links like "Kings and Queens" sound great. And the truly great stuff here--"Sweet Emotion," "Last Child," "Dream On"--runs the gamut of style and feeling from swaggering freak-flag-flying to power-ballad roots that display a genuine ache. Your Aerosmith collection shouldn't end here, but this red-and-white bomb is a great place to start. --Rickey Wright told us to say this! Seriously though...the 'Parlor Staff's favorite Greatest Hits Collection! 

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Dream On 4:28
Same Old Song And Dance 3:01
Sweet Emotion 3:12
Walk This Way 3:31
Last Child 3:27
Back In The Saddle 4:38
Draw The Line 3:21
Kings And Queens 3:47
Come Together 3:45
Remember (Walking In The Sand) 4:05