Evil Dead 2 OMP Vinyl Soundtrack

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Waxwork Records is thrilled to release EVIL DEAD 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Joseph LoDuca!

Directed by Sam Raimi and featuring Bruce Campbell reprising his role as the deadite slaying, shotgun wielding Ash Williams, EVIL DEAD 2 is the quintessential entry of the EVIL DEAD TRILOGY.

EVIL DEAD 2 remains the outstanding follow-up to 1981’s THE EVIL DEAD, picking up where the first film leaves off, with even more blood, demonic possession, bodily dismemberment, and evil deadites topped off generous amounts of slapstick comedy. 

The original soundtrack by composer Joseph LoDuca (The Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness, Ash Vs. Evil Dead) is the sophisticated follow-up to the first film’s soundtrack, engrossing the listener in dark orchestral horror, electronic cues, and haunting lullaby compositions. 

Available for the first time since our 30th Anniversary edition of the soundtrack released in 2017, Waxwork Records is proud to present the deluxe, re-mastered-for-vinyl soundtrack to one of the most beloved films in the history of horror cinema. EVIL DEAD 2 features colored vinyl, heavyweight old-style tip on jackets, 11” x 11” printed inserts, and all new artwork by Phantom City Creative. 

  • "The Woods" Variant (Black and Forest Green Hand Poured Color Vinyl)
  • Re-Mastered For Vinyl
  • Heavyweight Old-Style Tip On Gatefold Jacket
  • 11” x 11” Printed Insert
  • Artwork by Phantom City Creative