Opeth Blackwater Park

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Blackwater Park is the fifth studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Opeth. It was released on March 12, 2001 in Europe and a day later in North America through Music for Nations and Koch Records.[1][2] The album marks the first collaboration between Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson and the band, as Wilson had been brought in to produce the album, which led to a considerable shift in Opeth's musical style.

Blackwater Park was highly acclaimed on its initial release and has been praised by critics, with Eduardo Rivadavia of AllMusic stating that the album is "surely the band's coming-of-age album, and therefore, an ideal introduction to its remarkable body of work".

1. "The Leper Affinity" Åkerfeldt 10:23
2. "Bleak" Åkerfeldt 9:15
3. "Harvest" Åkerfeldt 5:58
4. "The Drapery Falls" Åkerfeldt 10:52
5. "Dirge for November" Åkerfeldt, Peter Lindgren 7:51
6. "The Funeral Portrait" Åkerfeldt 8:42
7. "Patterns in the Ivy" (instrumental) Åkerfeldt 1:50
8. "Blackwater Park" Åkerfeldt, Lindgren 12:08